About Us

Welcome to MobiliTools.


The goal of this web guide is to provide relevant, in-depth and up to date information about mobility aids as well as health care and medical information related to mobility challenges.

Our mission is to provide all kinds of practical tools to enhance your mobility. This way you can save a lot of time and efforts in your own research.

We want to help you make informed choices when you need to buy medical equipment for your home, work or the outdoors. You will find reviews about individual medical devices or comparisons between them (such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters, ramps, shower benches) and news about assistive technological advancements.
We want to assist you in your daily life with mobility challenges by reporting how other people embraced their mobility challenges. You will find relevant medical and scientific knowledge and tips for everyday health care and recreation: from mastering regular daily activities to practicing sports and traveling.

We strive to achieve the best quality possible in our articles. To this aim, we are taking the time and efforts necessary to do in-depth research and provide good quality information. That is also why any questions, comments, and queries are most welcome: your feedback will help us to provide a better service to you and others. Feel free to contact us here. We will be happy to prepare a comprehensible and up to date report on an issue or product, you would like to know better.



The main contributor of MobiliTools holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience and is particularly passionate about motor control and anything that can contribute to enhancing mobility: rehabilitation, medical devices, scientific knowledge, tips and hacks for everyday life, scientific discoveries and technological advancements related to assistive technology.

*Please note, that we do not provide medical nor pharmaceutical services on this platform. Kindly refer to your doctor for diagnosis or treatment.