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Walkin’ Wheels, The Best Dog Wheelchair For Back Legs

image source: Handicapped Pets

In recent years, along with greater acceptance and inclusion of disabled humans, has come greater acceptance and inclusion of disabled pets. One of the highlights of innovations has been all kinds of mobility aids for pets, like the dog wheelchair.  It is not technically a chair, but actually more of a cart, with wheels that support the part of the dog where the disability occurs. Continue reading

Dog Wheelchairs – Keep Those Doggies Rollin’!

No barrier to mobility and snow fun!

Dogs can often manage quite well with the loss of one limb, either front or back.  Unlike humans, they seem to have no self-consciousness about such a condition and often adapt quickly and very successfully. However, the loss of use of either both front or both back legs essentially renders the dog immobile. In these cases, dog wheelchairs can make a huge difference in a dog’s quality of life.

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