Our Favourite Standing Wheelchair: Review of the Karman XO-202

The Karman XO-202 Stand-Up Power Wheelchair

The Karman XO-202 Stand-Up Power Wheelchair


While providing better mobility for the users, wheelchairs have their limitations. One of the major ones is, as the term “chair” suggested, that users are restricted to the sitting position. For a very long time, many wheelchair users have wished for the ability to be able to stand up while thinking that the option is pretty much off the table.

Recently a new generation of wheelchairs known as the stand-up (or standing) chairs emerges and brings new possibilities. Among these new alternatives, there’s the Karman XO-202 Standing Wheelchair.

If you are looking for more information about the Karman XO-202 Stand-Up Wheelchair, stay tuned. You’ve come to the right place.

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Why Would Anyone Need A Standing Wheelchair?

Compared to the ordinary sitting down wheelchairs, standing up wheelchairs offer many health benefits that previously unavailable with the traditional model. By putting the body in a standing position, the wheelchairs offer users better blood circulation, improved kidney and bladder functioning, as well as more flexible muscle tone.

Staying to much in a sitting position is not too good for your health. But staying in an upright position also reduces muscle contracture and bone decalcification, or in another word, it reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

See for yourself! A standing wheelchair can drastically improve life quality at home:

Is A Stand-Up Wheelchair Safe?

The first concern about stand-up wheelchairs is whether or not the apparatus is safe. An ordinary wheelchair is relatively stable while still mobile. But having the user standing on the front side of a wheelchair is an entirely different story. The user’s weight will easily tip the balance of the chair and cause it to fall to the front.

That’s why the Karman XO-202 Series was built with safety in mind. The engineers at Karman design the wheelchairs in a specific way so that the users won’t slip or fall no matter what.

The first safety measurement that’s applied to the design is an adjustable knee wedge. This wedge will make sure that user’s knee will stay attached to the chair while still being comfortable. Users can adjust how tight or loose the wedge is. And there’s the lap seatbelt and chest strap. Both adjustable, well designed, and well manufactured; guaranteed to add more safety for the users.

The safety design process also added two front wheels for stability, and to prevent users from falling. These wheels move the center of the chair’s balance so that the chair won’t tip even if the user is leaning forward while standing up. There’s also the weight of the machine at the back that add extra balancing and will make sure the chair stays stable.

And for a better user’s general experience, the chair features a comfortable seat and back gel cushions. The footrest is also adjustable, both the height and angle.

How Mobile is the Wheelchair?

As the primary purpose of wheelchairs is to provide mobility to the physically challenged users, it’s also important to know how mobile the unit is. Karman XO-202 series is a motorized standing power wheelchair that is controlled using a very sensitive joystick. It can move forward and backward, left and right at ease, and even do a 360-degree full circle without any trouble. It has a small turning radius that makes it swiftly to move around.

To ensure that users get a smooth and soft ride experience, the wheelchair has a maximum speed up to 5 miles per hour. And due to the safety concern, the top speed is limited when the chair is in the standing position.

The dual 12 V batteries that power the motor can hold up to the maximum of 25 miles travel on one charge. The range is more than enough for everyday use. After all the juice is used up, the batteries require an overnight charge until they are full.

How Smooth is the Standing Position?

The standing position is the main feature of XO-202, that’s why the engineers at Karman make sure that the feature works flawlessly. The wheelchair needs only fourteen seconds to switch from the sitting to the standing position smoothly. The process is quick enough, but not too fast. It will not shock the users, and they can adjust themselves to the position change.

First-time users usually need more time to be accustomed to the fully standing position. Especially those who have spent a long time sitting. So, if the users ever need to relieve a bit of pressure on their muscles, they can stop the process anywhere, let the body adjust, and continue when they feel comfortable.

The unit is still fully mobile in the standing position. The control is still within reach, and users can maneuver the unit freely around the area. But as mentioned before, the pace is capped below the normal maximum speed to ensure the users’ safety.

Look at a demonstration in this standing wheelchair video:

Is the Unit Adjustable and Customizable?

We all know that nobody has the same shape, that’s why it’s absurd to hope that one can create something that can fit everybody. Keeping that point in mind, XO-202 is built with adjustability and customizability in mind. Many parts of the wheelchair – such as the backrest, the chest strap, and the knee wedge – can be adjusted to fit the individual build of a user.

And to take the matter even further, the manufacturer allow customers to order customized units that will fit specific needs of a particular user. To do that, customers can fill in the order form that they can get from local dealers.

How is the Build Quality?

Aside from safety, quality is another priority that Karman focuses when they built XO-202. The wheelchair comes with a sturdy, strong skeleton that can take the everyday beatings with a smile. The heavy-duty motor is also as robust as the frame and designed to withstand any pressure that comes to it.

The body is also designed to provide stability to the users to move in any terrain. The suspension technology gives users smoother and more comfortable ride. It’s similar to the suspension of a modern car.

How Many Models are Available?

The basic model of the XO-202 Stand-Up Wheelchair is the Junior model. This model comes with all the great features that can fit general users’ needs.

But if you need the additional tray to bring a glass of water, books, a plate of cake, or anything, along with the wheelchair, you can opt for the Tray model. This one comes with the removable tray. There’s an additional technology added to the model to make sure that the tray will always be in an upright position and stable enough that you won’t spill the water in the glass even if when the wheelchair is in motion. The tray is transparent, easily removable, and easy to clean and wash.

There is also the Dual model. This model comes with the additional control at the back, on the companion’s handle. There’s the quick switch to change between user’s control and assistant’s control. The model is perfect if the situation where the companion should have more control of the wheelchair than the patient.

Other Specifications

Here are other specifications of the product:

  • 6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Frame
  • Flip-back Concaved Armrests w/ SHARK II
  • New motor launch by Lloyd Actuator / Motor, Dec 2010 discontinued Denmark Linak Motor
  • Adjustable Footrest Height & Angle
  • 2-3” Memory Foam Cushion Back and Seat
  • Breathable Nylon Upholstery
  • Motor: DC24V. 320W
  • 8” Front Flat-Free Caster
  • 14″ Rear Flat Free Rear Wheels
  • Range per Charge: ~25 Miles
  • Easy To Use Remote For Drive & Stand
  • Knee Support, Safety Belt, Chest Support & Leg Strap
  • Weight Only: 110 lbs w/o Battery
  • Flat Free Rear Wheels & Front Wheels
  • Maximum Speed: 5 Mph (Moving slowly is recommended while standing)
  • Battery: 12V/36AH x 2pcs


What Is The Warranty?

And the product is covered by a 3-year warranty for the frame, 1-year warranty for the electrical, and also 1-year warranty for the motor.


Our Verdict

Whether it’s for the additional health benefit or the assistance to reach places that unreachable using the ordinary wheelchair, XO-202 Stand-Up Wheelchair provides excellent build quality for the price. It’s one of the most affordable models that you could find. It comes with rave reviews from satisfied customers. Some users even reported that the quality is better than the much more expensive alternatives (see the reviews from usatechguide.org).


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