Walkin’ Wheels, The Best Dog Wheelchair For Back Legs

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In recent years, along with greater acceptance and inclusion of disabled humans, has come greater acceptance and inclusion of disabled pets. One of the highlights of innovations has been all kinds of mobility aids for pets, like the dog wheelchair.  It is not technically a chair, but actually more of a cart, with wheels that support the part of the dog where the disability occurs.

One of the more popular brands and maybe even the best dog wheelchair is Walkin’ Wheels.  If you have a pet with mobility issues, one of these carts could mean years of extra life quality for your furry friend.

Who Is The Walkin’Wheels Dog Wheelchair For?

The standard Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair provides back-end support.  A front-end attachment is also available. It can turn the wheelchair into what is known as a “quad”, which provides support for all limbs.

That is why that cart is perfect for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), which usually gradually immobilizes the rear legs.  With wheels to support their back end, dogs with this condition can walk, and even run, with their front legs.

Other conditions can also cause rear leg paralysis, such as injury, arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal disc problems. Dogs recovering from surgery can also benefit from a dog wheelchair.

What Sizes Are Available?

The Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchairs come in four sizes so that all dogs can benefit from them.

The critical criteria for sizing this wheelchair is leg height.  The cart can be adjusted for various body lengths and can support a broad range of weights.

  • MINI: For tiny dogs between 2-10 pounds (up to 4.5 kg).
  • SMALL: For slightly larger doggies weighing between 11-25 lbs (5-11 kg), with a leg measurement of about 3-6 inches
  • MEDIUM: For a dog weighing 25-69 lbs (11-31 kg), with a leg height of 16-18 inches.
  • LARGE: for big dogs of 70-180 lbs (31-82 kg), large dogs with a leg measurement of 17-20


How Much Are The Walkin’ Wheels?

The cost of the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchairs for back legs ranges from $100-550. HandicappedPets provides a calculator of the exact price based on the fold of the flank to the ground, the approximate weight, and the main breed of your dog.

The price varies depending on:

  • The breed, size and weight of your dog
  • The size of the wheelchair that best fits your dog
  • Any extra options and accessories
  • The delivery type

What Is Included?

Everything that you need for setting your pet up with the wheelchair is there.  Some assembly is required, but no additional tools are necessary. You will get detailed instructions for the assembly. Besides, there are also instructional videos available on YouTube.

The cart comes with a harness, which will work very well for most dogs. However, for some breeds like the Dachshunds, the company also sells additionals supports, such as a vest and a belly support accessory.

Can The Dog Pee and Poop In The Wheelchair?

Yes, absolutely. The frames are designed to be easy to adjust and convenient to use for dogs. Think about it: what good is a wheelchair, which requires the dog to rely on its human adapting the wheelchair to be able to do its business. Wouldn’t that be cumbersome for the dog (and the human)? The whole idea of a wheelchair is to give the dog its freedom!

Is It The Best Dog Wheelchair? What Are Its Advantages?

Possibly. This model has some interesting features:

Adjustability: The central high point of these dog wheelchairs is its adaptability to the dog’s body time. Not only are there four sizes available to purchase. Each model has easy to use snap buttons that help the frame to expand in all dimensions: height, length, and width. That way dogs of all sizes can benefit of the Walkin’Wheels.

Transport: An extra feature for medium and large carts: they fold flat so that you can carry and store them at your convenience.

Quick Delivery:  The Walkin’ Wheels are pre-made, adjustable wheelchairs. That means that you do not have to wait the several weeks it takes to build a custom wheelchair or cart for your pet.  With overnight shipping, you can even get started with one the day after ordering.

Price:  Walkin’ Wheels are more affordable than custom-made carts.  They can take advantage of large production runs to keep their costs down, which custom makers cannot.

Resale: Unfortunately, wheelchair support is often a must at the end of a pet’s life, and owners may stay with a relatively gently used wheelchair.  Because the Walkin’ Wheels are adjustable, they are well-suited to sale on the used market, unlike custom carts.  If the dog’s legs are the right length, the vehicle can be adjusted to them, even after a different dog used it.

Customer Service: The customer service for Walkin’ Wheels is excellent.  They can help you determine which size you need, if you need additional accessories, and can also help with assembly or fitting problems.  Reviewers on Amazon report that they have been very satisfied with the response from customer service.

Is it the best dog wheelchair? See for yourself:

Disadvantages Of The Walkin’Wheels

Training: Some dogs take to the use of a wheelchair right away, but others need as much as a few weeks to get used to it gradually.  Unfortunately, some never adapt to using one.  Walkin’ Wheels provides information on how to train your dog effectively to use the mobility cart, but you need to be aware of the possibility that your dog may refuse to use it.

Fitting:  The Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair has several points of adjustment, but it is a pre-made item, and will not provide the precise fit of a custom wheelchair.

Where Can I Get A Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair?

If you want a used cart, you can find them on eBay or craigslist. You can also rent one. Before you do that, read a little word of warning about buying used ones here.

If you want a new one, the top two options are Amazon or the HandicappedPets store. Which one should you choose? Let’s compare:

  • Both guarantee the lowest or the same price as shopping sites.
  • Both offer a return period of 30 days.


Why Amazon?

Special offers. Amazon regularly offers many discount and seasonal offers or extra product combos.

* * * Click here for the best Amazon offer for a small dog wheelchair.


Warranty. The company offers a lifetime warranty on frames, the knuckle, and the fittings.

Support. You have the right to a lifetime support with adjusting or other technical problems. You also get access to the on-site software “Dog Wheelchair Wizard” to help you with fitting the cart to your dog’s best comfort.

More models available. Amazon has all kinds of back leg cart in store for you. But if your dog has additional or different needs, check out HandicappedPets: they offer a whole variety of add-on mobility options (for an additional fee): an extra front wheel attachment, a 4-wheel quad, which is entirely supportive for all leg’s of the dog.

* * * Pick your dog cart from HandicappedPets here: 
Handicapped Pets – Dog Wheelchairs, Products, Services, Support


The Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchairs get overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon, with 78% of reviewers giving them a five-star rating.  That is very impressive, given that unhappy customers often have more motivation to write reviews than happy ones.

By all accounts the wheelchairs perform as expected, are durable, and the company’s customer service is excellent.

If you have a disabled pet who you think would benefit from a mobility support, this is an excellent and popular choice, if you do not want to incur the time and expense of a custom-made appliance. If you are looking for the best dog wheelchair for your money, you (and your dog) won’t be disappointed.

Final Tip

And most importantly: remember, that whatever mobility support you decide to get for your dog, it will take some time to adjust to it. It’s a big change! If it’s the first wheelchair of your pup, go easy on him. The dog might be frustrated at first. Be patient, take time small steps each day in the new cart. If your dog is scared, he might just get frustrated and nervous. No need to rush him, subtle nudges are often the most efficient and quickest way to adapt to a new wheelchair. Think “slowly, but surely” and it will be worth your while!

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10 thoughts on “Walkin’ Wheels, The Best Dog Wheelchair For Back Legs

  1. Meredith

    This is one of the greatest pet products I’ve seen in a long time. I remember when I first saw these a few years back somebody was walking their pug. She (the pug!) looked so happy to be able to get outside and move around freely.

    What I thought was really interesting was how all of the other dogs reacted to her. After minute or two of trying to figure out how the thing was attached, they all got along fine.
    Meredith recently posted…The Definitive Technivorm Moccamaster ReviewMy Profile

    1. kris Post author

      That’s a lovely picture! Running together and socializing, that’s what really counts, right? I really like that these wheelchairs are so light in construction, it leaves the dog a lot of freedom to move. And it doesn’t hinder the dog’s normal activities and social life.

  2. HOW

    This is so clever! And such a great thing for people who are in a situation, struggling to decide what to do with an aging pet, as my daughter has recently found herself in. Your article is very informative and encouraging. I will forward it to her.

    1. kris Post author

      I agree. It’s a brilliant piece of really simple technology, but completely changes the dog’s quality of life. I’m glad I could be helpful. All the best to her pet 🙂

  3. Martin

    Awesome, I never realized dog wheelchairs were actually a thing. I’ve seen videos of these where the pet owners had built devices like these for their pets. I hadn’t realized that they were actually commercially available. These can bring great hope to pet owners

    1. kris Post author

      Definitely! Some handy pet owners prefer to make these themselves and customize them. Mostly out of need or to add a personal touch, I think: dogs and cats are lucky to have an easy access to commercialized products specially designed for their body type, but not all animals are that lucky.

  4. Bec

    This is great! And it’s good to know you can rent one – a great idea for a few weeks to make sure your dog will train into it before purchasing maybe? Fantastic for dogs with lots of like to go, who just need that little extra support along the way! Thanks!

    1. kris Post author

      Yes, renting is an option before purchase and a great way to make the dog acquainted with it. Although watch out how long you rent it: several days is perfect, buy after several weeks, it might become more expensive than the purchase. Usually it’s simpler (cheaper) just to buy it, knowing that one can always return or exchange it if it doesnt’fit right, for some reason. But yes, both solutions fit to different situations.

  5. Stepheny

    Awesome, I never realized dog wheelchairs exist.Seriously great things. i just love it.
    Iam very much intrested and also browse videos of these where the pet owners had built devices like these for their pets.
    I hadn’t realized that they were actually commercially available.
    These can bring great hope to pet owners. I agree. It’s a brilliant piece of technology. it will very helpful for some injured dogs. its really good to imagine
    injured dogs can walk easily with comfortably with this walking wheelchair


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